How Can You Keep from Getting Overwhelmed by the Admissions Process for Rehab?

Have you made the choice that will be one of the best you have ever come up with? Is a rehab stay in your future? If so, we are here to say congratulations! Rehab is such an important step when it comes to getting clean and sober. It’s a time to focus on yourself and what you need to make such a big change in your life. However, it can also be a stressful time. This is especially true when you have never been to rehab before. How can you keep from getting overwhelmed by the admissions process for rehab? Keep reading to learn what you can expect.

Talk to others first

If you happen to know someone who has already been to the rehab you picked out, don’t be afraid to ask them what they remember of their time there. They will be able to answer some of your questions concerning the admissions process before you even get to your admissions appointment. This can help you be prepared for what is to come and what you can expect.

If you don’t personally know anyone, start looking into the rehab online. In most cases, there will be reviews and comments about the facility that will give you the inside scoop on how things work there. You may even be able to message someone who was already a patient to find out more.

Call the facility and ASK

Your local rehab is there to help you, not the other way around. Don’t be scared to ask some questions over the phone or shoot off an email with some inquiries. Most facilities will be able to give you an exact list of what you will need when you come in to be admitted to the facility. Knowing what your facility requires before you get there will help keep you from getting overwhelmed by the process.

Know how you will pay

One aspect of rehab that can be very overwhelming is how you plan to pay for your stay. Again, call the facility and ask what you can expect. However, do your own research and planning before you get there. If you will be using your health insurance to pay for your stay, make sure to have everything set up before the date of your admissions. Call and talk to a representative of your health insurance company weeks before your planned admission date. They will help you have the necessary paperwork and forms filled out before you go.

If you are not using health insurance for your rehab stay, you’ll need to know how you will be paying for it before you get to the admissions process. Being prepared with cash or a check, if applicable, will make the process a lot smoother for everyone.

Bring a trusted loved one

When you’re ready to be admitted to rehab, have someone you trust take you. You don’t want to worry about transportation that day, so make sure you have something set up days before. Your friend or family member can stay with you during the admissions process to give you moral support. You may want to encourage them to ask questions themselves to help the process move along. If you begin to get overwhelmed by the process, your support person will be there to calm you down.

Be prepared for honesty

If you are not clean or sober when you are ready for the admissions process, don’t worry. The staff does not expect you to be! They will stress the importance of being 100% honest with them about how long you have been using and how much. Make sure to let them know the last time you used alcohol or drugs. This gives them a better idea of the severity of your upcoming withdrawal symptoms, and they will be able to put together the best treatment plan for your position.

Know what you are headed for

Ask questions about the rehab. Come prepared with a list if you have to. It’s very easy to become frustrated and overwhelmed if you walk into your rehab facility blind. They are there to help you, so don’t ever be afraid to ask questions and voice any concerns. Knowing exactly what you are going to be doing once you start the program will make the initial transition smoother for everyone involved.

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