How Can a Drug Rehab Center in New Jersey Help Heal the Bonds Between Family Members?

When facing addiction in New Jersey, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, uncertain and afraid. But the fact that you are reading this article shows that there is something inside of you that is saying: “This isn’t right for me. I need help. I can’t do this alone.” That’s a first, brave step, and you should be commended for that. The next step is getting the professional support and help you need to be successful in your recovery journey and to heal the familial and friend bonds that may have been broken because of your struggle with addiction. The answer is going to a rehabilitation center you can trust in New Jersey.

Drug rehabilitation centers offer hope for people caught in the terrible cycle of addiction because they can introduce you to the skills you need to make different decisions and to repair the relationships that have been harmed in the process. Drug rehabilitation centers give hope in the midst of uncertainty that things ever can return to the way they were before the addiction began. Remember, addiction to substances is never about just addiction. Often it is tied to other coexisting conditions or circumstances. But when a person struggling with addiction has the tools to make different decisions and the support to stand behind them, life can be and look a lot differently.

Read on to learn more about the help you can get from a trusted New Jersey drug rehabilitation center today that is skilled in helping to heal the bonds among the person struggling with addiction and family members. Are you ready to try? This is the first step toward the life you want right now:

At our professional, licensed New Jersey rehab center, family members and supportive friends are a key part of the recovery process. We focus on:

  • Educating both the person who is struggling with addiction and his or her loved ones. Everyone must be involved in the process for the outcome to be the most successful for the person trying to break free from addiction.
  • Meeting the emotional and psychological needs of everyone involved
  • Working through the very realistic hurts and broken bonds caused by addiction. They are real but not irreparable.

One thing many family members do not realize is that they are going to rehab, too. They assume that it is only their loved one who needs to go through the process of learning new skills. But we find that family members or supportive friends are such an integral part of the process that they need to understand what addiction is, how they can support the person trying to work through the addiction cycle and how they can set boundaries that support the person and help them maintain a healthy state of mind.

It often is emotionally and psychologically distressing for a family member or close friend to watch the person who is addicted make decisions in favor of substances. So family members and friends also have to protect themselves to some extent by loving the person and not what they do — and learning to communicate honestly and productively so that the relationship does not deteriorate further. Ultimately, everyone wants the person addicted to substances to overcome the addiction — but the reality is that this is a journey that will require everyone to be patient and to be supportive to the extent that they can. Our team of counselors will help both the addicted and that person\’s loved ones with education and skills to navigate this time. That ultimately leads to better relationships and the hope of reconciliation.

Making a decision to fight for yourself and the person that you love each and every day is the key to surviving the cycle of addiction. No one can do it alone. It takes the support of a community who has gone before and a professional team that has worked with many people struggling with addiction. That kind of support can carry make the journey worthwhile and lead to success. Remember, however, that addiction is a lifelong struggle. It will require everyone involved to commit to making the right decisions at every turn and bend in the road. It will be times like these that you will be thankful that you don\’t have to have all of the answers right away — but your expert team will have answers that can guide you. If you\’re ready to make that next step, then give us a call today at 833-610-1174.

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