Here\’s How Learning to Be Grateful Can Keep You Sober

Committing to being sober is one of the most difficult things for an addict to accomplish. Fortunately, learning to utilize gratitude in your daily life can help you achieve this and live the life you want and deserve. These are some ways that gratitude can help keep you sober.


Keeping a journal can give you a creative outlet for your feelings. Creativity allows a person to express themselves in a healthy way. This may keep them from being self-destructive. Writing or creating art in a journal is a fun way to let negative feelings go. Creativity can cultivate gratitude by rebuilding your imagination. You can dream of a future of success and a loving atmosphere again.

Other creative activities:

  • Color in a coloring book
  • Painting
  • Play a musical instrument


Gratitude is helpful in building or maintaining a positive attitude each day. Focus on positivity and repeat positive affirmations to yourself. You can create an inner world inside yourself that makes you want to recover and be healthy again. Breathe in fresh air and be grateful for a healthy body and spirit.


Becoming more spiritual can be most helpful in the worst of times. Yoga, meditation or prayer are techniques used to calm the spirit and increase concentration. These activities can make you feel deep feelings and let go of old beliefs. You can change your life by developing beliefs you\’ve never had before or recover those you\’ve previously left behind. Everyone gets down sometimes and finds an unsavory way to deal with it. Be smart and know that you can get yourself back up again. Reflect on what went wrong in your life and learn from your mistakes.


Gratefulness can be a motivating factor for leading a normal, healthy life. It can make you want to spend more time with friends and family. You will likely want to do the activities you enjoyed before your addiction began. Let yourself be grateful for your beautiful life. Get up each day and live life to the fullest the right way.

Keep in mind that you have the power to change your life for better or worse. Even though everyone needs help at times you make the final decision. Use this knowledge to fix yourself and your life. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day. Call (833) 762-3765

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