Does health insurance cover rehab near me for 90 days?

When someone asks us how long it will take to recover from their addiction illness, we always tell them it will take as long as it takes. Each individual has different circumstances surrounding their addiction issues. Some of them only need about 30 days to deal with their addiction. Other people might need long-term care due to the fact they have a severe addiction to alcohol or a substance like heroin. Again, recovery takes as long as it takes.

Assuming you have a significant addiction problem, you could always start with the assumption you will need to spend at least 90 days in rehab. You would know more after going through an intake interview with the rehab\’s administrative staff. They are the only ones qualified to say for sure how long they think you might need to commit to treatment.

If you don\’t have deep pockets, it is very likely you will have concerns about paying or treatment. That would especially be true if you get the news you can expect to need long-term care. In the next section, we will address options you might have to help you pay for treatment.

<h2>Does Health Insurance Cover Rehab Near Me for 90 Days?</h2>
When it comes time to think about paying for treatment, your best option would always be using healthcare insurance. Based on the titled question, it would seem you are curious about insurance covering treatment for 90 days. Before explaining in detail, the short answer to the question is yes, health insurance does pay for treatment up to 90 days.

Prior to 2009, health insurance providers treated going to rehab as being an elective medical treatment. Based on that, the insured was denied coverage for rehab. All of that changed in 2009 with the passing of the Affordable Care Act or ACA.

Based on the language of the law, insurance companies now have to cover addiction treatment in the same manner they would cover the treatment for any other ordinary medical condition. Also, they are no longer able to refuse coverage to someone with a preexisting condition. This is a big deal within the addiction treatment community because addictions can last years. That means insurance companies could always deny coverage under the guise the insured had a preexisting addiction. They cannot use that argument anymore.

Since we have now established that your insurance company has to cover your rehab costs, we need to explain to what extent the law requires them to cover your costs.

First and foremost, insurance companies are supposed to treat your addiction as though it were any other medical illness. As such, the same copays and deductibles would be applicable. However, insurance companies do not have to cover everything. They can limit coverage to 90 days, and they can limit coverage to what they would consider being standard treatment methods. That would exclude getting treatment in a luxury rehab center and going through alternative treatment programs.

By way of clarifying what is covered, you should take a look at the following list:

  • Medically monitored detox program costs
  • Any medications a physician would prescribe related to addiction treatment
  • Residential treatment with basic living costs and therapy
  • Outpatient treatment costs
  • Ongoing counseling after treatment has been concluded

Note: most insurance carriers will agree to pay 100% of outpatient treatment. They are motivated to do this simply because it would save them money by being able to avoid paying for 90 days of residential care. With that said, they cannot dictate that you go through outpatient treatment. That would be up to you and the rehabs intake staff to decide.

If you want to know exactly what your insurance will cover, you should read your policy rider. If it is unclear, you can call your provider\’s customer service department. Also, you can request coverage confirmation from the rehab staff. They are usually very adept at dealing with insurance companies and can confirm the extent of your coverage.

Knowing that paying for treatment should not be a big problem, you should now have the motivation to seek treatment for your addiction. We would be happy to offer you the treatment you need as well as helping you find out the extent of your insurance coverage. Before we can get started, we need you to call us at 833-610-1174. That will give us an opportunity to tell you about our treatment options and what you can expect during the treatment process.

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