Does drug detox work?

When you have been struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction for a long time, you may think that you are beyond help. Too many addicts don’t bother getting the help they need because they think that drug detox doesn’t work. However, we’re here to tell you that it does. You’ll get out of detox what you put into it, but we want you to know how much we will be there for you during your time in detox. If you are wondering if drug detox and rehab works, read on.

What should you expect during check-in?

The very first part of rehab and detox is getting through the intake process. This is when you will talk to the doctors and intake specialists about your situation. It’s okay if you are not already clean when you come to the detox center. You’ll give the staff all of the important information they need to help you. This will include what type of drug or drugs you have been using, the frequency of use, and how long you have been using them.

Once you supply all of the necessary information, you will begin the detox process. Let’s keep reading to learn more.

What happens during detox?

Drug detox happens as soon as you get to the rehab. You may or may not be given certain drugs, such as suboxone, to help you through your withdrawal symptoms. Always be open about the withdrawal symptoms you are having while you are there so that your doctor can prescribe you the right medication.

Does drug detox work? If you put in the effort and time, it can. Our doctors and support staff will do everything we can to make sure you are comfortable during your time in rehab. We want your visit to be the very best it can be, so we will closely monitor you to ensure you are feeling well. Going through withdrawal can be difficult, but you will have us on your side the entire way.

What is detox?

It can take a few days or a few months to get through the worst of your withdrawal symptoms. How long the symptoms last will depend on a few factors, including:

• What you have been using
• How long you have been using
• The severity of your addiction
• The method of drug abuse (snorting, swallowing, injecting, and smoking)
• Genetic makeup
• Family history of addiction
• Underlying medical conditions
• Underlying mental health conditions

When you go through detox, you will be forcing your body to function without the drugs you have been putting into it. It’s important for us to medically monitor you during this time, especially if you have been a heavy drug or alcohol user.

What can I expect after detox?

The next portion of rehab starts the same day as your detox. It’s important to begin therapy as soon as possible, so we will set up a session or two for you the same day you come in for detox. You can expect the following therapy sessions:

• Private therapy
• Group therapy
• Family therapy
• Holistic therapy

Private therapy will give you the chance to talk to our counselors about your drug addiction and any other mental health problem you may have. If you have a dual diagnosis, our counselors will address your mental health issue separately. During cognitive therapy sessions, you will learn how to recognize the triggers in your life that make you want to abuse drugs. We’ll help you identify them first; then, we’ll work on how to replace your bad habits with healthy ones.

Group therapy is also a must while you are detoxing from drugs. You’ll have the chance to talk to others who are in or who have been through the same situation as you. After you have been in treatment for a couple of weeks, we may want you to begin mending family issues with the use of family therapy. Since addiction can wreak havoc through the whole family unit, we want to stress the importance of family therapy under the close supervision of a qualified therapist.

You may also wish to take part in a number of holistic therapy sessions, such as acupuncture, meditation, yoga, exercise, or equine therapy. We’ll set you up with the type of holistic therapy sessions we provide if we believe they will be beneficial for your situation.

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