Do You Share Rooms In an Inpatient Treatment Center?

Going to an inpatient drug rehab center might seem intimidating at first. This type of treatment requires you to agree to stay away from home for a good amount of time, and you might be worried about being in an unfamiliar place. You may also need to make a few difficult decisions such as figuring out who will take care of your pet or what to do about work.

While it is easy to get caught up asking about every detail, it is important to take a step back and know that inpatient programs are designed to make life easier for people who are recovering from addiction. Wondering if you share rooms in an inpatient drug rehab center is a valid question, and exploring the answer helps you to learn more about what to expect during your stay.

Every drug rehab center has different policies and living arrangements. However, you’ll typically find that rehab centers offer several living arrangements that fall within these categories:

•semi-private rooms
•private rooms
•group living
•luxury suites

The most typical type of living arrangement in a drug rehab center is a semi-private room. With this type of room, you’ll share the space with one other person. Usually, there will be twin beds, but you’ll occasionally find bunks. A semi-private room typically also comes with an in-suite bathroom that you’ll share with your roommate. While sharing a room with a stranger might feel a little odd at first, you’ll quickly find that there are some positive things about it. For instance, you’ll have someone available to talk to if you face a challenge in the middle of the night such as being unable to fall asleep.

You might also have the option of having a private room. This allows you the ability to focus solely on yourself during your free time. You might prefer a private room if you need to be alone to sleep or if you have a big need for confidentiality. Private rooms do tend to be a little more expensive than a semi-private room, but there are often ways to off-set the cost such as by using your health insurance.

Group living arrangements are rare to find in most rehab centers, but you’ll occasionally see them in areas where it is necessary to keep costs down. In a group living arrangement, you’ll see several people sharing a room. Bunk beds tend to provide the best option for helping everyone share the space while still leaving room to move around.

Luxury suites are the final type of living arrangement that you see, but they tend to be rare as well. A luxury suite might look more like an apartment that a person can stay in alone. Having access to amenities such as a kitchen might work best for someone who is needing to work on their independence as they stay in a rehab program.

What Else Should I Know About the Accommodations in a Drug Rehab Center?

The majority of people will stay in a semi-private or private room, and you can check with your preferred rehab center to find out which of these is your best option. You’ll also find that exploring the other aspects of your rehab’s program can help you feel better about your upcoming stay. For instance, you might feel more comfortable knowing that you only share the bathroom with one other person, or you might like to know what types of food are on the menu.

Although your time in rehab won’t be the same as staying in a luxury resort, people often find that it comes close. Knowing that you’ll enjoy three nutritious meals a day along with snacks helps you to gear up for helping your body to heal. Additionally, the thought of being able to do yoga or lift weights might leave you feeling more excited about your stay if you were worried about getting bored. Since the rooms can vary from one center to another, you might ask about what they look like. You can often see the rooms on a virtual tour of the rehab or ask someone who is familiar with the program to outline what to expect so that you can start visualizing yourself in the new environment. If you do need a roommate, keep in mind that they might just become one of the best parts of your stay. Rehab programs tend to try to match people with similar personalities and interests to help them adjust to staying with someone new.

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