Do Treatment Centers Really Work for Drug Addiction?

During drug rehabilitation, you might have to get yourself booked into a treatment center. Typically, treatment centers offer the facilities and services to get a drug addict through the recovery journey. In addition, it is the treatment centers that do much of the heavy lifting regarding ensuring that a patient can regain control of their life.

However, the question remains, do treatment centers work for drug addiction? You might have heard of people who have come out of a recovery program only to go back to drug abuse and consequent addiction. Though this is not encouraging, drug addiction treatment centers are essentially your best shot at recovering from any addiction. This piece will evaluate why the centers are effective and why they can work for your addiction. In addition, we will assess several factors that might cause them not to work for your case.

Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

Drug treatment centers are facilities either set up by the government or private entities to offer drug addiction treatment. Typically, this treatment is intended to help individuals who have an addiction to a particular drug. At the treatment center, the individual is taken through a treatment process that helps them stop compulsive drug use and search.

Treatments Offered at Drug Treatment Centers

Now, each addiction is unique and cannot be treated using a particular standard template. As so, treatment of drug addiction occurs in various forms and under different settings. In addition, the duration of treatment and environment is different. However, since drug addiction is essentially a chronic disorder known to cause relapses, short-term or one-time drug addiction treatments are never sufficient. Therefore, most drug treatment centers will offer long-term treatment options that include consistent monitoring and evaluation.

Why a Drug Addiction Treatment Center Can Work for You

Drug addiction treatment centers are regulated by a variety of policies enacted by the national government. The regulations require that the treatment centers offer essential treatment services to each patient despite the level and category of the treatment center. In essence, though you might not afford the high-end treatment centers, any treatment center can work for you. Some of the primary services you get from a treatment center include treating your addiction through physical sessions, physiological evaluation, abstinence, and follow-up programs.

Other services that you get from a drug addiction treatment center include the following:

  • Drug testing
  • Drug counseling and consultation
  • Detox
  • Individual and personalized psychotherapy
  • Recovery meetings organized in groups
  • Group psychotherapy
  • Medication-assisted treatment – depending on your specific addiction type.
  • Supervised withdrawal

Complementary Services

The new generation of drug addiction treatment centers is adopting a new range of treatment services. In essence, the patient is treated with comfort and luxury to allow them to settle with ease. The treatment centers provide treatment services that are holistic and more engaging to clients.

For instance, while at the treatment center, you get to feel more settled and not restricted through a set of services. These services include:

  • Yoga
  • Massage therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Reiki
  • Neurofeedback
  • Energy psychology
  • Psychodrama
  • Animal-assisted therapy

These services alone are not enough to treat drug addiction. However, the complementary offerings ensure that the addicts feel more at ease with the basic services. The complimentary services are also excellent in helping the patients maintain their recovery.

Nutritional Support

Recovery from addiction and nutrition are intertwined. According to research, successful recovery can be attributed to great nutrition. At a treatment center, you get nutritional support through a well-selected diet. This ensures that possible malnutrition is eliminated and your health is restored.

Aftercare Services

Drug addiction recovery is a process that requires consistent evaluation. Most drug addiction treatment centers offer aftercare services where you get follow-up services and regular assessment. This ensures that you keep yourself clear of drug abuse and therefore preventing possible relapse.

Why a Treatment Center Might Not Work for You

Whether a drug addiction treatment works for you or not can majorly be attributed to personal factors. Like already pointed out, recovery from drug addiction requires extensive determination and willpower. Therefore, a treatment center might fail to work for you if you lose your determination along the way. Essentially, this might be indicated by failure to follow the prescriptions and constant reusing of the addictive drug. In addition, you might be ready to walk through the long recovery journey without relapsing.


Drug addiction can be frustrating. Additionally, failure to treat it correctly might lead to treatment resistance and increased possibility of complications caused by withdrawals. Therefore, it is advisable to seek supervised treatment from a certified treatment center. Do you need a treatment center for your loved one? Contact us today at 833-610-1174 and get assisted.

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