Do Rehab Centers in New Jersey Treat Alcohol and Drug Addiction?

Did you know that even though New Jersey is one of the smaller states in this country, there are still more than 300 rehab facilities that help people like you? Every day, individuals check in to start their life over again, as they want to free themselves from addiction. It’s confusing when you stop and consider the difference between drug addiction and alcohol dependency, as the treatment methods are the same.

Some people have both alcohol and drug dependency issues, but some have only one addiction. So do you go to the exact center for alcohol treatment that you would for drugs? Yes! These facilities are equipped to handle any type of addiction, so they know what to do and the method to use to help you heal.

The Differences Between Alcohol and Drug Addiction

There\’s much confusion about these two types of dependency because alcohol is legal to buy, and drugs are illegal for the most part. Both substance abuse issues have sinister origins in that they mess with your mind and body, and thankfully, they are treated similarly. Some people marginalize alcoholism because someone isn\’t doing anything illegal to obtain it, but it can be just as dangerous as addiction to opiates.

When you talk about drug addiction, your mind thinks about substances like benzodiazepines, heroin, methamphetamines, cocaine, and marijuana. However, these drugs are not the same, and neither is the way they impact your body. People who use heroin like the feeling of having their worries slip away as they enter a relaxed state.

Those who use cocaine like the state of euphoria that it brings, as well as it gives them confidence and strength. See, each drug has characteristics that your body has become accustomed to, and therefore, so many dependence issues are psychological. Alcoholics mostly drink to dull the pain, as it makes them forget about their problems when they’re inebriated, but those who use drugs do it for the same reasons.

Whether you suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction doesn’t matter. The same treatment center will help you. They use the same techniques as both substance problems fall into the same category. Most people don’t know that alcohol addiction falls within the more extensive group classification of drug dependence, so naturally, they’re intertwined. There\’s not one problem better than the other, as any substance abuse issue can change your entire life.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Similarities

Most folks fear detoxing, but this process lasts only for a short while. The real work begins when you learn to live without the substance that kept you going. All substance abuse issues come from similar origins, usually the desire to self-medicate away the pain.

For some, it’s a mental illness they’ve had since childhood; for others, the pain is from a trauma that has left them scarred for life. The problem is that trying to numb physical or emotional distress with substances only works for a bit. It won\’t be long until your body needs more to have the same feelings; this is how dependency is born.

Substance abuse and dependency happen to people from all walks of life. There\’s no one immune from the clutches of addiction. You may sit next to someone who makes millions of dollars a year or doesn\’t have two nickels to rub together. You will find comradery in those people in treatment with you.

The problem is vast, so it\’s essential to address whatever is holding you back from seeking treatment. While there, you will hear stories from people in your peer support groups who have similar tales. It doesn\’t matter how prestigious your title is or what you\’ve accomplished in life; addiction will take you out if you don\’t take drastic steps and make changes.

Finding a Center for Treatment

There are people whose families wish they had gotten help. Millions of people think they have their addiction under control, but the truth is that addiction controls them. It\’s liberating when you free yourself from the clutches of substance abuse, and we\’re here to help. Call us today at 833-610-1174 to see what options are available to you. A new life free from chemical dependency is waiting for you.

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