Do Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers Drug Test?

Most people don’t look forward to drug tests, but they are still one of the most effective ways to find out if someone is struggling with managing an addiction. At some point, just about everyone will need to do a drug test to obtain a job or prove that they weren’t under the influence at the time of a personal injury. While these tests are mildly annoying to someone who is sober, they tend to generate a lot of stress for people with substance use disorders.

You might wonder do inpatient drug rehab centers drug tests when you are preparing to enter a program, and you can generally expect to have at least one happen during your stay. Learning when and why a rehab center might ask you to do a drug test gives you more insight into what you can expect to happen during your treatment.

The staff at drug rehab centers understand that most people do not like taking drug tests. However, they are considered essential for helping to maintain a drug-and-alcohol free place for people to recover from their addiction. For the most part, people don’t bring drugs and alcohol to a treatment center since it interferes with their goal for sobriety.

Yet, there is always the possibility that it could happen. For this reason, you might be asked to take a drug test for these common reasons in an addiction treatment center.

  • as a routine procedure during the admissions process
  • after you leave and return to the treatment center for any reason
  • if there is a reasonable suspicion that you are using drugs or alcohol
  • randomly to assist with enforcing the rules

Learn How to Never Worry About a Drug Test Again

In most cases, you’ll receive a drug test at the beginning of your stay. This drug test isn’t anything to worry about, since the admissions team already knows that you are dealing with an addiction. The results of your drug test won’t be used against you. Instead, the staff uses the results to help them understand exactly which drugs you have been using, and the results can also clue them into how much you use. This information then helps them to prepare a treatment plan that fits their needs for addressing potential withdrawal symptoms.

While you might give your treatment team a list of the drugs that you know you use, there is always the possibility that you’ve ingested other types without your knowledge or have forgotten to mention something important. Typically, you won’t leave an inpatient program at all during your stay. However, there are special cases where you might need to if you develop a health issue that requires going to the hospital or if you experience a personal challenge at your home that requires your immediate attention such as the loss of a loved one. In these cases, you can expect to take a drug test just like you did during the admissions process. This just helps the treatment team know if they need to help you get back on track after a relapse. You’ll also want to know that a treatment center may require random drug testing to help increase accountability within the facility, and they’ll require one anytime they suspect that someone is under the influence of forbidden substances.

While getting asked to take a drug test might make you nervous, the good news is that you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Once you’ve started your treatment, you’ll have professional support that makes it easier to avoid falling prey to temptation. Being in an inpatient program that takes action to keep the facility drug and alcohol free also means that you won’t be able to get your hands on drugs, even if you experience a strong craving.

This helps you to start your recovery off on a strong foundation that makes it possible for you to keep up your sober lifestyle after you go back home. Choosing to get sober in an effective treatment program means that you won’t have to worry about passing a drug test in your new life when it is time to get a job or move into a sober living home. Do you need a drug and alcohol-free environment to get sober? We’ll help you find a treatment center that keeps you safe and secure from temptation. Call us today at 833-610-1174.

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