Do Drug Programs Require You To Stay There Full Time?

Though you desperately want to break free from the chains of your addiction, going to rehab can be complicated. One of the factors that may be deterring you from going to rehab is having to stay there fulltime. Your responsibilities (e.g. work, school, family, finances, etc.) may make it difficult for you stay at a drug rehab full time. Fortunately, you do not need to stay at a drug rehab full time.

There are three types of outpatient treatment programs that you can choose from:

Partial-Hospitalization (PHP)

Partial-hospitalization meets on a full-time schedule. A typical PHP schedule is six-hour sessions that meet five days a week. It is the most intense of the three outpatient programs. The long meetings may make it difficult for you to work around your school or work schedule. However, PHP is the best for early recovery because of the rigor and frequency.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Intensive outpatient drug treatment program meets on a part-time schedule. A typical IOP schedule is three-hour sessions that meet three days a week. Most rehabs offer a daytime session and an evening session, so it is easy to work around your work or school schedule.


Outpatient meets one or two times per week for one to two hours. Outpatient is not recommended for early recovery because it does not provide the rigor, structure, and frequency that is needed. It should only be used as a requisite following more intense forms of treatment.

The Benefits of Not Going to a Rehab Program that Requires You to Stay Full Time

Choosing outpatient rehab has many benefits. Outpatient rehab allows you to maintain your work and/or school priorities, so you can still make money to provide for your family and/or continue your education. Since outpatient rehab does not come with the costs of living and the same number of amenities, the cost of outpatient rehab is significantly less than the cost of inpatient rehab. Being able to continue your daily life while treating your addiction allows you to apply the tools that you are learning to stay sober in the real world. Addiction is a family disease. Being able to interact with your family will help you and your family health together.

Seacrest Recovery is an outpatient rehab that is located in Eatontown, New Jersey. Their Phase Back to Life programs consists of three-levels of outpatient treatment: partial hospitalization, intensive-outpatient, and outpatient. Though not mandated, you have the option of living at the facility during the PHP and IOP phase.

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