Do All Treatment Centers Offer Detox?

It\’s good that you are reading this information. You should look at it as a sign that you are ready to do something about your addiction. The reason you thinking about rehab as a way to address your addiction is that it\’s the only alternative you have if you really want to get clean.

As you contemplate going into treatment, it\’s very likely you have lots of questions. It\’s a sign that you are being thoughtful about your needs. What we want to share is the fact recovery from addiction usually requires three steps:

  • Detox (cleansing of your mind and body of drugs/alcohol
  • Therapy to address the root causes of the addiction
  • Participation in aftercare options

With a focus on the first step, most substance abusers have a physical and mental dependence on their substance of choice. Before they can realistically handle the rigors of therapy, they need a chance to cleanse their bodies and minds of the substance or substances they crave. Getting clean or detoxing is not something anyone should take lightly.

While going through the process, there is a high likelihood each addiction sufferer is going to encounter some rather serious and dangerous withdrawal symptoms. As a case in point, here are some of the withdrawal symptoms associated with opioid addiction:

  • Duffuculty breathing
  • Elevated heart rate and blood pressures
  • Tremors and body convulsions
  • Bad dreams and hallucinations
  • Severe cramping in the stomach area
  • Loss of body control and the ability to concentrate

Given the dangerous nature of withdrawal, it\’s a far better option for each person to go through a formal detox program before they start therapy. In a formal detox program, they get a chance to clear their withdrawal symptoms while under the care of medical professionals. As far as where you could find a licensed detox program, please keep reading.

Do All Treatment Centers Offer Detox?

While a lot of top rehab centers, ours included, do provide detox services, there are still a fair amount of rehabs that don\’t. If you want to go to a rehab center that does not have a detox clinic, you will need to find an independent detox center that focuses solely on helping addiction sufferers detox. If you are not sure where to go, your rehab of choice might be able to refer you to a detox clinic. Here is what we can recommend.

If you can find a drug and alcohol treatment center that offers a detox program, that would be your best treatment alternative. Why? The advantages of continuity of care are huge. The ability of your detox staff members to discuss your progress with your future therapists only serves to make the transition from detox to therapy easier. Here is what you can expect from a detox program. The desire will be for you to go through the detox process as naturally as possible.

That means a focus on rest, nutrition, and exercise. It\’s more about considering your overall well-being. If by chance you were to start showing dangerous signs of discomfort, there would be medical staff standing by to help. If help needs to come in the form of prescription medications, a staff doctor would certainly consider that. You can expect your detox process to take anywhere from 5 to 7 days. If you have a severe addiction to something like heroin, you might need to go through a tapering program. That might require you to participate in a detox program for several weeks.

After cleaning your body and mind of your cravings for your substance of choice, you should then be able to start therapy. You need to be clean at this point so you can focus on and commit to the process. The reality is you need to know why you feel compelled to harm yourself with drugs or alcohol. By finding that answer, you put yourself in a position where you can learn the coping skills you will need to avoid future relapses. If you are ready to stop using and start getting your life back on track, we hope you will call us at 833-610-1174.

This is a call that could end up saving your life. During the call, we would be happy to discuss our treatment programs and tell you about the facility. After that, we would seek your commitment to enter our facility for treatment.

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