Can Your Loved One Go Into Rehab if They\’re High or Drunk?

Your loved one has reached a point of desperation and asked you to take them to rehab as soon as possible. This is a great opportunity. If it happens, take them up on the offer. Don\’t worry if your loved one is still currently using and is not clean. A New Jersey drug rehab will welcome them and make them feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

Can You and Your Loved One Walk Into a Drug Rehab in New Jersey?

You can walk into a treatment facility to have your loved one admitted at any time. If it\’s a residential treatment center, they\’ll have medical and other staff on duty around the clock. If it\’s an outpatient facility, you\’ll have to make sure that they are open. In either situation, it\’s a good idea to call ahead to let them know that you\’re on the way.

You should bring:

  • Your loved one\’s driver\’s license or another form of identification.
  • Your loved one\’s insurance information.
  • Prescriptions your loved one is currently taking.
  • A list of substances your loved one abuses, if you know what they are.

Will a Drug Rehab Center in New Jersey Take a Loved One Even if They Aren\’t Clean?

Don\’t worry if your loved one is drunk or high. Most people aren\’t clean when they come into a drug treatment facility.

At the New Jersey detox center, your loved one will go through an intake process involving the following steps:

  • A medical examination to ensure that they\’re not in immediate medical danger.
  • Filling out insurance and medical forms.
  • Summary of their medical and addiction history.
  • Medically-supervised detox for safe, comfortable withdrawal.
  • Admission into an inpatient or outpatient program.

At this point, an admissions counselor will talk with you about the next steps forward. You\’ll get an overview of what the program entails and what rules your loved one will be expected to follow. Keep the following points in mind:

  • Your loved one can refuse treatment and leave at any time.
  • If the drug treatment was court-ordered, there could be legal consequences to leaving treatment.

Do You Need a Drug Rehab Center in New Jersey?

If your loved one has asked to go to rehab, this is an outstanding opportunity to get them back on track. You can find a rehab facility in New Jersey that is open right now and ready to take your loved one into treatment. Call our counselors at 833-610-1174 for help and guidance.

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