Can You Watch Sports On Television While In Rehab?

When you are in rehab, it can be a little tough to stay connected with all of your friends and family back home. Many people choose to do this by watching their favorite sports team on television while they are there.

But can you watch sports on television while in rehab? The answer isn\’t as simple as yes or no! There are some rules about what kind of programming you may watch based on the type of treatment center you attend. In this blog post, we will talk about those rules and how they affect whether or not one can watch sports from the comfort of your bed at rehab!

No Unauthorized Television Channels

Because you are staying at a treatment center, your time and activities will be highly regulated. This means that you will typically not have access to cable or satellite television programming, as those channels might violate the rules for rehabilitation treatment. Instead of these channels, some facilities offer limited basic services such as local news and information channels. Additionally, some facilities may provide televisions that you can use to stream your favorite content from your personal devices, such as a tablet or smartphone. If this is the case, and if the facility authorizes sports programs on those channels, then it will be possible to watch them while in rehab.

Sports Channels May Not Be Authorized

Just because a television channel has sports programming, it does not mean that you will watch it while in rehab. Some facilities may or may not authorize these channels due to their content, including a lot of violence and language that might not be appropriate for treating patients. In some cases, the televisions offered at treatment facilities might be designed only to receive certain channels, so the sports channel you want to watch may not be available at all. It can also depend on whether or not your treatment team believes that watching sports is consistent with the goals of your rehabilitation program. If it isn\’t, this programming will probably not be authorized for viewing while rehabilitating.

Viewing With Your Treatment Team Can Be Encouraged

Even if your treatment team does not believe that watching sports on television is consistent with the goals of your program, it may be possible for you to watch sports occasionally under their supervision. For example, it might be permissible for you to watch a game during your day at the facility. However, if you are struggling to follow the rules of your program, then it is unlikely that this kind of programming will be allowed.

Sports Watching May Be Viewed as a Privilege

If your treatment team allows you to watch sports while in rehab, this privilege may be something you have to earn. Many people earn this privilege by following the program rules and by staying sober throughout their stay in rehab. Another way to earn this privilege is through good behavior and good work with your treatment team. If you have been a devoted patient to your program, then your treatment team may allow you to watch a sporting event as a way of promoting positive reinforcement.

Be Mindful of Time Constraints for Watching Sports

Even if the rules do not prohibit sports watching at your treatment facility, it is important to be mindful of the time constraints for watching them. This will help ensure that you stay on track with your recovery program by avoiding watching too much television or spending too much time on recreational activities. Consuming media content can be a helpful way to relax and pass the time during your day at rehab, but it should remain secondary to your recovery.

Take Away

Whether or not you can watch sports on television while in rehab will depend upon the medical protocol for your facility. Some facilities will allow their patients to watch sports on television as part of their \”reward\” system after completing a set number of counseling sessions. Other treatment centers may place an absolute ban on all forms of entertainment at certain points during treatment, including when they feel like it may negatively impact the regimen. Regardless of your own facility\’s guidelines, you should consult with your counselors to see if they feel like watching television is safe for you at this time. Call us today at 833-610-1174.

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