Can You Go to School When in a Sober Living Program in New York?

Sober living programs have rules in place that protect all of the residents and help them to stay sober. You may choose to go to a sober living home if you are finishing your addiction treatment and need additional support with your recovery. Some people also choose to go to sober living programs to avoid the potential of having a relapse during a major life transition. The concept of a sober living program revolves around the understanding that the first year or two of sobriety is the hardest. When you are still new to living a healthier lifestyle, you may find it hard to resist temptation that happens in your former living environment. You may already know the benefits of going to sober living, but it is common to still have a few questions. When you are wondering can you go to school when you are in a sober living program in New York, you are already asking the right questions to get you on track for a life filled with success.

Although there are restrictions on how you live your life in a sober living facility, they are all designed to help you begin rebuilding a healthy lifestyle that leads to happiness. You might be required to follow a curfew, but that is just meant to help you avoid late night activities that could lead to a relapse. Being home at a certain time also helps to avoid conflicts between residents who may need to get sleep before they go to work the next day. There are also usually requirements in place regarding how you spend your time. These may include recommendations that you attend counseling sessions, volunteer or go to work during the day. In most cases, you can absolutely go to school when you are in a sober living program in New York. This is because education is understood to be one of the best ways to move past the issues caused by your addiction.

Get Support With Your Education and Career From a Sober Living Program

Going to school is a huge change in your lifestyle. You may need to adjust to a new schedule, and it is normal to develop some anxiety about meeting assignment deadlines and passing tests. Some people also have social anxiety as they try to ease back into normal life after rehab. While you definitely have what it takes to succeed, it also helps to have support from others. Sober living programs offer these types of support that make it easier to complete your educational program.

•group therapy
•education and career counseling
•help with homework from fellow residents
•guidance from mentors
•well checks to keep you accountable in your sobriety
•transportation assistance

After a long day at school, it is comforting to come home to people who understand what it is like to rebuild your life. In addition to having people to talk to, you’ll also find that being in a diverse group exposes you to new ideas and skills that help you enhance your academic life. Sober living programs offer counseling on finding ways to deal with stress and how to make friends in sobriety. As you move through your educational program, you can also receive assistance with maintaining your momentum for moving forward. A career counselor can help you determine if you need to further your education with an advanced degree or go ahead and get started on looking for a position in the workforce. They’ll help you practice interview skills and make sure that your resume looks enticing to potential employers.

It isn’t always easy getting through your first year or two of sobriety, but things will be okay. Sober living programs make it easy to create a network of support that helps you continue the process of finding your place in sobriety. Whether you aim to work as a teacher, a health care provider or a CEO, you have everything you need to take the first steps towards reaching your goal. Once you are sober, and have the people around you to help, the sky is the limit for where you can go.

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