Can You Get Your License Back Sooner After a DUI in New Jersey If You Go to Rehab?

Your addiction to alcohol has caused you more trouble than you ever could have imagined. It took away your good judgement, put you behind the driver\’s wheel while you were under the influenced, and made you lose your license with a DUI charge.

The one positive thing that has come out of this terrible experience is no one was hurt when you were driving intoxicated on the road. You\’re at a loss now. You can\’t get to work or handle your countless other responsibilities without a license. You can\’t take care of your family. It is like you have hit a wall that can\’t be climbed. A recovery program is one way you can turn your life around. Your question is can you get your license back sooner after a DUI in New Jersey if you to to rehab? Getting your license back sooner will depend on many factors.

Getting a lawyer is advised when you have been charged with a DUI, providing you with a knowledgeable professional to negotiate on your behalf. You need someone with legal expertise when you are faced with such a serious charge. The judge who deals with your case will make the final decision. Your history will be taken into consideration, including how many DUI offenses you have had. Your willingness o enter rehab could sway your judge to offer you a more lenient sentence, including a shorter suspension of your license.

What Happens Next is Up to You

Turning back time isn\’t option. The only thing you can do now is figure out how you will move forward. While entering a rehab program could help you to reclaim your license in a shorter amount of time, the impact on your health is more important. Rehab is a positive alternative that offers:

  • Hope for a life that isn\’t controlled by an addiction
  • Resources to improve your health
  • Therapy that will give you a better understanding of who you are
  • Strategies for making better choices

If alcohol has brought on a DUI charge, your addiction has taken over. It is time to put yourself in the driver\’s seat of your life to steer it in the right direction. Rehab programs have one purpose. They are meant to help their clients to overcome the temptation and cravings of addiction. They offer people a safe haven while the source of their addiction is eliminated from their bodies during detox.

Most importantly, they are staffed by caring professionals who are there to support their clients. When you choose rehab, you are choosing to write a new chapter in your life. Your time in rehab may be determined by what is included in your insurance. In some cases, the judge may order you to attend a program for a specified length of time. Your willingness to begin treatment is an act of good faith, proving to the judge that you have remorse for your actions, you understand the severity of the consequences, and you want to leave your alcohol addiction in the past.

Once you begin treatment in a rehab program, expect to be there at least 21 days. You may need one month or more to make progress. Everyone responds differently to treatment. Your eagerness to take control of your addiction and willingness to cooperate could help you to complete your program faster. It\’s not a race. In the end, a healthier you should leave your rehab program. You can continue to take advantage of support services, such as outpatient counseling, meetings with a mentor, and regular sessions with others on the journey to an alcohol-free life.

Contact our representatives today to learn more about our rehab programs. Don\’t wait to call us at 833-610-1174. You might not be able to change what has happened to you already. You can decide what happens next. Rehab can help you to shut the door on alcohol on the day you begin your program. We want to help you to get started as soon as possible. We are here day and night, seven days a week. Pick up the phone and make the call for a fresh start today.

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