Can You Get Treatment Immediately Following a Relapse at an Affordable Rehab Center?

Relapse prevention is something that you might have worked on during a previous stay at rehab. Or, you might have done okay trying to quit on your own for a few days until you had a really stressful day. You may have even made it months or years before you fell back into old habits. It doesn’t matter what caused you to have a relapse. Instead, it only matters what you do about it now. Don’t let yourself fall into a spiral of guilt or just assume that there is no hope. Many people experience a relapse as they learn to live without drugs or alcohol. At an affordable rehab center, the staff understands that a relapse can happen for multiple different reasons. You may have had your relapse due to these common issues.

  • lack of support during your initial recovery
  • poor aftercare planning
  • a new mental health condition
  • recent life stresses
  • running into an old friend or another trigger for your cravings

Seeking treatment immediately following a relapse at an affordable rehab center helps you deal with the issues and reclaim your sobriety.

Once relapse occurs, you become at risk for serious consequences. The withdrawal symptoms that you experience this time around maybe worse. This is especially common with severe alcohol addiction when a person may go on a major binge after a period of sobriety. You are also at risk of having a severe reaction to quitting drugs if you’ve ever had an overdose or needed detox assistance in the past. If you are currently still using drugs or alcohol, then you may not even know how bad your withdrawal symptoms could be. Going to an affordable rehab center allows you to enjoy the sense of security that comes with having professionals in charge of your care. From the moment that you are admitted into the program, you can expect that your relapse recovery team will make sure that you feel safe and have everything that you need for a successful recovery.

Get Immediate Treatment After Your Relapse to Help Your Recovery

Rehab programs are designed to take people on an urgent basis. This is because a relapse places your physical and mental health in jeopardy. There is often just a tiny window when a person realizes that they are having a relapse and is willing to seek help to get better. After that, it is possible to get so deeply involved in your old habits that you forget how good it felt to stay sober. Following that window, it is sometimes necessary for a person to hit rock bottom again before they get help. By then, you may have damaged your career, relationships, and personal finances. The whole aim of immediate rehab treatment is to stop you from reaching that desperate point again. In fact, the current recommendation is that you seek treatment even if you just had your first hit of drugs or alcoholic drinks after getting sober. That first drink or hit could easily turn into a hundred more, and that only sets your recovery back further.

Going to rehab after having a relapse feels a lot like going home again. Although you may want to try a different program, you will find that many things are similar. Rehabs are filled with supportive people that include professional counselors, additional staff members and the other participants in your program. Every person that you meet there understands that relapses happen, and they’ll never make you feel ashamed of the setback. Instead, you will find that there are reminders of how well you can do in sobriety everywhere. Your treatment program will pick up where you left off when you finished your former stay at rehab. There, you get the chance to talk about what has happened since you left. Your counselors will listen to what you say, and they’ll help you to identify what went wrong. Once you figure out why you had a relapse, you can then start using that knowledge to create a new plan for sobriety. This plan may include more intensive counseling this time around that is combined with aftercare when you finished the first part of your relapse recovery. You might also need to revise your lifestyle at home to reduce stress and avoid the triggers that led to your relapse. With the support and your own determination, you can start your recovery immediately so that you preserve your health.

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