Can You Be an Alcoholic if You Only Drink with Company?

Alcohol has a complex relationship with the human brain and all individuals in general. It is something that most of us enjoy at least from time to time, but it is not always completely innocent. Obviously, there are incidents of drunk driving or alcohol poisoning that can be extremely harmful or even deadly. However, it goes beyond that as well. There are situations in which a person can develop an unhealthy relationship with alcohol in their life that is destructive to themselves and potentially others.

Can Someone Be An Alcoholic If They Only Drink With Company?

The stereotype of an alcoholic in the minds of a lot of people is that this person is someone who drinks alone and in solitude by design and by choice. That person is eager to escape from the world and draw into themselves and be destructive in this way. That kind of alcoholic certainly exists, but it is a mistake to believe that this is the only way that someone can be classified as an alcoholic. The truth is that someone can be an alcoholic even if they only drink with company around.

The designation of being an alcoholic is that one is dependent at least in some ways on alcohol in their life. This does not have to manifest as a physical dependence. In fact, it is far more common that someone develops a psychological dependence on the substance. Just because someone chooses only to drink when they are in the company of others does not mean that they are without risk.

Signs That Someone May Be An Alcoholic Around Company

Not every person exhibits the same signs of alcoholism, but there are some common ones that come up time and time again that are important to review. Someone who has the possibility of being an alcoholic may exhibit some of the following behaviors:

  • Finding Excuses To Have Company Over Often To Drink
  • Seeking Out Company Just As A Reason To Drink
  • Frequently Drinking To Excess When Company Visits
  • Having Company Over On Holidays As An Excuse To Drink
  • Designating People As “Drinking Buddies”

Any of these things may be a good reason to begin to get concerned. It is fairly common to drink around the company, but it is not something that an individual should frequently seek out for the simple pleasure of drinking. In fact, those who show more of an interest in drinking rather than in the company they are spending time with may be developing a problem that they need some help with.

The Difference Between “Having Fun” And Having A Problem

There is a line between someone who is just having fun and spending time with friends in a setting in which alcohol is involved. The individual who would be just as happy to put the alcohol away and spend time with their company is probably not a big risk to have alcoholic tendencies. However, the individual whose sole reason for spending time with the company is the alcohol is exhibiting some frightening signs indeed.

It is a good idea to note who first comes up with the idea that alcohol should be involved in the first place. It is also wise to check on who seems to go back to the fridge time and time again for more drinks. Someone who is outpacing the rest of the group may indeed have a big problem on their hands. It is so important to try to notice those individuals and do whatever possible to intervene when you can. The risk of allowing this behavior to go on unchallenged is a grave risk indeed both for that individual as well as others that they may interact with.

Seeking Professional Assistance For Someone Suffering

A lot of people know that it is a delicate balancing act between trying to help someone out and getting into their business. Sadly, many choose to not intervene at all when they notice problem drinking in someone they care about. It leaves the problem drinker even farther in the hole as they don’t have the assistance that they need to make some changes in their life. Do not allow that to be the way that you interact with those that you care about.

Now is the time to step up and do what is right by your friends and those you care about. You need to show them that you are serious about their challenges and addictions. Call 833-610-1174 to speak with someone who has professional training in working on addiction therapy. That is an excellent first step towards the new life that you or someone you love needs.

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