Can Sober Living in New York City Help Prepare You to Return to Your Family?

The most successful people at maintaining recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction are the individuals who are willing to go the extra mile. Going the extra mile refers to doing what\’s necessary to protect the sobriety they have worked so hard to establish. That would include participation in aftercare programs like sober living. After months or years of living in the cycle of addiction and another month or two of treatment, facing the world as a sober person can be intimidating. It\’s for that very reason that so many rehabs throughout the nation will recommend departing clients think about spending time in a sober living home.

Rehab administrators offer this advice for one very important reason, time well spent in a sober living home is a good investment in one\’s recovery. While sober living might not be ideal for everyone, it\’s a solid option for people who need time to get their sober legs under them. The ability for someone to take their time putting their lives back together before having to face a full basket of responsibilities is invaluable for some people. Think about where your life stands now as you contemplate what you will do after getting treatment for your addiction.

Will you be ready to immediately return to work? Are your relationships and finances in good order? If you cannot answer yes to these questions without hesitation, you might not be quite ready to face the world you knew before your addiction took hold. Let\’s take a look at what you can expect from a sober living home in New York City.

Can Sober Living in New York City Help Prepare You to Return to Your Family?

What are your goals after completing treatment? If one of your goals is reuniting with your family, you have to consider whether or not you are ready to do that. If there were trust issues before you entered rehab, you have to wonder if you have had ample opportunity to address those issues. If not, you might need a little more time to reacquaint yourself with you. In all likelihood, you want to be the best you can be when you get home. The answer to the titled question is yes.

Among the things of which your time in sober living can help you, buying you time to rebuild relationships with minimal pressure is the most important one. Here\’s what you can get from sober living. One of the things that likely fell apart while you were wrapped up in your addiction was structure in your life. Sober living can help you rebuild that structure. In a sober living home, all residents are expected to live by some very stringent rules. The home managers have designed these rules to teach people how to rebuild the structure you might be missing. Take a look at the following rules.

These are rules that are quite common within the sober living community:

  • Submit to mandatory random drug testing
  • No sexual fraternization with other residents or management
  • Resdidents must participate in 12 Step meetings or counseling
  • Each resident has chores to complete around the house
  • Residents must seek employment
  • Rent must be paid on time
  • Zero tolerance for using drugs or alcohol

The better the sober living home, the more likely management is to aggressively enforce such rules. While the rules might seem a bit restrictive, they are in place to give you good guidelines under which you can live your life after leaving sober living. If you build good discipline and improve your level of responsibility, your family will see the difference.

That should translate to them being willing to accept you back in with open arms. Before you are ready for sober living, you need to establish sobriety. You can do that by checking yourself into rehab and getting treatment. That\’s where we can be very helpful for your benefit. If you will contact us at 833-610-1174, we can get your addiction treatment started. After helping you find the road of recovery, we would be happy to help you find a sober living home in New York City.

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