Can Outpatient Drug Rehab Centers Pay for Client Sober Living Housing?

Outpatient treatment works best when you have a safe and supportive living environment to spend time in when you aren’t attending your therapy sessions. You might need to find housing in general if you’ve been kicked out of your family’s home or lost your residence due to an eviction or foreclosure. In this type of situation, you’ll find that a sober living home removes one more worry that could stop you from getting help. You might also want to live in a sober living home if you want to get outpatient care from a program that is far from where you live now.

Finding temporary housing is easier when you can know that your living environment will support sobriety. With sober living, you don’t have to worry about running into dealers outside of your apartment or coming home to a house party after you’ve spent the day working on your sobriety. The answer to whether or not outpatient drug rehab centers pay for client sober housing depends upon the program that you choose. Exploring how different rehab centers provide for living arrangements makes it possible to know what to expect when you enter a program.

Some outpatient drug rehab programs own housing that they can offer to you to live in for the duration of your treatment. These are typically viewed as short-term forms of housing. Since outpatient treatment usually lasts for 30 to 90 days, you’ll enjoy a safe place to stay while you work on finding another place to go once your treatment is complete. Other programs offer you a referral to sober living housing that you need to pay for yourself.

These might take the form of houses where several people live at once or apartments where you might share space with a housemate. No matter what type of housing you select, you should always make sure that safety measures are in place to prevent you from having a relapse. For instance, you may need to follow a curfew or take regular drug tests for accountability purposes. Having a counselor or sober mentor on-site is also helpful for helping you to work through late night cravings or deal with someone who does not follow the rules.

How Do You Plan Financially for Going to Sober Housing?

Choosing to live in client sober living housing during your outpatient treatment is convenient, and knowing how you’ll cover the cost of your care helps you to feel confident about your new living arrangements. There are several questions that you can ask to find out what is covered by your drug rehab program. Asking these questions gives you a head start on making financial arrangements for drug treatment and housing.

  • Is the cost for sober living housing built into the drug treatment program?
  • Will insurance help cover part or all of the cost for my treatment and housing?
  • Are there grants or scholarships available to help me cover costs during outpatient treatment?
  • What other costs should I plan for such as transportation, food or personal hygiene products?
  • Will the program help me find long-term housing once my treatment is complete?

Your current living situation also influences the financial decisions that you may need to make while you work on getting sober. If you currently own a home or rent, then you might need to make sure that you or someone else can cover the costs for those payments until you return. For instance, your spouse might need to know how to pay the bills while you are gone. You might also have a car or other major financial obligation, and continuing to work is an advantage of going to outpatient treatment.

Once you sign up to live in your sober home, you can work out an arrangement that allows you to work so that you can continue to manage your financial responsibilities. Many people also utilize several different resources to cover their living costs while the seek help for their addiction. A combination of health insurance, personal payments and grants can help to give you all of the financial support that you need to get sober. Talking to someone from your preferred outpatient program is the best way to figure out what services they offer to make treatment and living arrangements more affordable.

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