Can My Family Visit Me In Long Term Rehab?

Rehab facilities generally don\’t allow visitors, especially if you just started the rehabilitation program. The idea is that you need to rebuild your life and habits, and the family and friends who know you best might undermine that process. During the first phase of recovery, most people aren\’t allowed to contact their family, so you will probably not have visits from your immediate relatives. The amount of time before you get visitors may depend on the severity of your addiction and whether you have a history of relapsing. You will likely be allowed to make brief phone calls. It is a way to stay in touch with your family without putting yourself at risk for relapse.

Can My Family Visit Me In Long Term Rehab?

Most rehabilitation facilities will allow you to have visitors when you make progress in your recovery program. When the rehab decides that you are ready for visitors, there are some rules the visitors need to follow to ensure you remain in recovery.

  • A visitor will sign in at the facility\’s front desk and will only be allowed within certain areas. It is to record where a visitor has been and who they have met.
  • Visitors are not allowed to bring drugs or alcohol into the facility. It is another method to ensure that people don\’t relapse. This rule is strictly enforced.
  • The visit will have to be supervised at all times by staff. While in rehab, you are vulnerable, and the staff ensures that your visitor doesn\’t bring you any illegal drugs or alcohol.
  • There\’s a limited visiting time, and they need to know that they must keep the visit short. Visiting hours are short of ensuring they don\’t interfere with your rehab schedule.
  • Gifts will be approved beforehand by the facility\’s staff. As you recover, the facility ensures you don\’t have access to any drugs that a visitor may sneak in. Thus, they will check all gifts given to you by a visitor.
  • Visitors need to dress appropriately and respectfully. They are required to follow the facility\’s dress code, which usually means no casual or beach attire, no revealing or short skirts or shorts, no bare arms, and so forth.

Violators of these rules may face serious legal action, including possible forfeiture of visiting privileges. Both you and your visitor should follow the rules if you want to continue enjoying visits with each other during your rehab.

What Can A Visitor Bring During Visitation?

Being in rehab can be difficult for everyone, which is why many recovering addicts try to make the visit as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. Visitors can bring gifts that fit with their loved one\’s interests. Keep in mind that anything with alcohol or drugs is prohibited, so even books with alcohol recipes are against these rules. These are some of the gifts a loved one can bring to rehab.

  • Reading material Books and journals that deal with addiction are usually well received. They can help the person feel better about themselves and read something that won\’t include alcohol or drugs.
  • Craft materials People who are in recovery often enjoy crafts. It allows them to get creative and express themselves. It also gives them something to do that doesn\’t involve alcohol or drugs. A set of drawing pencils, crayons, or markers is a good investment.
  • Snacks Rehab facilities have their kitchens and dining services, but visitors can still bring something to snack on. Visitors are encouraged to bring non-perishable snacks that come in small packages that include nothing in them that\’s forbidden by the facility\’s rules.
  • Games It can get pretty boring in rehab, especially when you are trying to get better and are stuck in a place where all you can do is stare at the walls. A weekly game of cards or board games can be a good way to break up the monotony.
  • Photos of family and friends Reminiscing can help with recovery, and creating a photo album together can help improve the bond between family members. Ensure that all photos don\’t include any drugs or alcohol, especially if they were taken while under the influence.

In conclusion, your family and friends can visit you in rehab, but they need to understand that they must follow certain rules. They will visit when the rehab allows it and in a way that meets their rules, but this is just part of the process your loved one will have to go through. Call us at 833-610-1174.

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