Can Meeting Other Addicts in a NJ Drug Rehab Center Help the Recovery Process?

When you enter rehab, there is a good chance your mind will be filled with anguish over the circumstances surrounding your addiction. It\’s very likely you are days or weeks away from being able to think clearly.

As you pass during the addiction treatment process, your awareness of your surroundings and the depths of your addiction will become more clear. At some point, you will look around and see other clients going through the same process as you. All of you are on a vision quest. You are looking for the root causes and answers to your addiction and how to find the road to recovery.

One of the things that get overlooked in rehab is the value of the people around you. Of course, the therapists will have value because they are the ones in charge of guiding you through the treatment process. What you can\’t overlook is the value of the other clients. Remember, these are people just like you. At some point and for some reason, they also crossed the line and began abusing their substance of choice.

To be clear, it\’s an odd camaraderie you will have with these people. However, it\’s an important camaraderie because these are folks who understand at least some of what you are going through. That\’s why group therapy plays such a vital role in recovery. There is nothing more important than one addiction sufferer helping another.

In all likelihood, your time as an addiction sufferer has been a very lonely time. There have been lots of times that you felt alone and out of place. That\’s something that happens to a lot of substance abusers when they start isolating themselves away from family, friends, and society in general.

Addiction is a lonely place in your mind. Most people don\’t want others to see their destructive behavior. They feel that way because they fear no one will understand the pain they feel and how it has driven them to addiction. Meeting other addiction sufferers in rehab, especially through group therapy sessions, can remove that cloak of loneliness and isolation.

Can Meeting Other Addicts in an NJ Drug Rehab Center Help the Recovery Process?

The short answer to the titled question is yes, meeting other addicts can definitely help you with the recovery process. Being around other addicts can help you in several ways, including
  • Reassuring you that you are not alone in your disease of addiction
  • Giving you access to information about how others are trying to recover from their addiction
  • Providing you with the opportunity to meet new friends, people with whom you have something in common
  • Giving you the opportunity to identify and secure potential support resources for after you leave rehab
Through group activities and therapy sessions, you will learn that many other clients feel the same way as you feel. That can be very comforting for someone who feels no one could possibly understand what they are going through. That feeling of camaraderie is like gold to someone who has become isolated from the people they love.

The real value of clients interacting in therapy or while socializing comes from the relationships they can build. While struggling with your addiction, it\’s very likely you have lost friends and perhaps the support of family members. That could be a real problem after you leave rehab and find yourself in need of support resources.

In rehab, clients learn to be supportive of one another. They also learn there is strength in numbers. Over a 30 to 60 days period in rehab, clients can forge strong relationships. These relationships can have value in and out of rehab.

What we know is the relapse rates associated with most substances are simply too high. We also know that the ones who are less likely to relapse are the ones who have good support resources. The people you would meet in an NJ rehab might end up being the difference between you staying in recovery or falling victim to your disease.

Hopefully, you can see the value of group therapy. As you enter rehab, it\’s something you can expect to experience as part of the treatment process. The first thing you need to worry about is getting yourself into treatment. That\’s something with which we can help you. All we need from you is a phone call to 833-610-1174. From there, we can work on telling you about our facility and the addiction services we offer.

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