Can Drug Addiction Be Treated?

Drug addiction is a chronic, often relapsing brain disease characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use despite harmful consequences. It is a complex condition that isn\’t discussed as much as it should be. And the stigma associated with a drug addiction does more than making people feel ashamed of their addiction. It prevents them from getting treatment and staying sober for good.

Today there are more options than ever for those struggling with addiction or just wanting to stop, medications, counseling services, support groups and more. And while relapse rates are high, there are ways to avoid relapse or at least make it less likely. These are some of the ways to treat drug addiction.

Residential Treatment Program

A residential treatment program is when the addicted person goes away for addiction treatment. There are many reasons to opt for this kind of treatment, from privacy and comfort levels away from home to not having access to your drug of choice. This program has helped many people over the years, but there are risks with this type of treatment. First, it\’s expensive.

Studies have shown that patients do better with inpatient rehab services. These programs often provide patient and family counseling and group and individual therapy sessions. Rehabs employ experts who specialize in diagnosing and treating substance use disorders.

Outpatient Treatment Program

The word outpatient means you don\’t have to go far away to get help. You can visit a rehab facility daily or only a few times per week instead of an in-patient program where you\’re there around the clock. You get to stay home and continue your job while undergoing substance abuse treatment. You can get counseling for drug addiction and learn new coping strategies to avoid using again. A good, long-term treatment program will keep you busy. It can distract you from thoughts of using.

The 12 Steps Program

The 12 Step approach is the most widely practiced method for those with drug addiction to recover from their disease and lead long-term sober lives. Most addicts in this program are in individual counseling, where they will share their points of view, their experiences and why they are addicted to drugs. They use these shared experiences to find solutions for recovering from drug addiction and staying sober. The success rate of this program is high.


There are so many medications out there that can help with addiction. Some of these medications have been shown to have positive effects on individuals by reducing cravings and increasing the potential for abstinence later down the line. It is important to ensure that it is done under the supervision of a trained physician. Stopping some medications, such as opioids or sedatives, can easily lead to withdrawal and relapse.

Your Support System

Loved ones are a big part of your recovery from drug addiction. It\’s important to have a strong support system that will help you through the hard times and encourage you to seek treatment for your addiction. It\’s also important to remember that no matter what, these people love you and want you to make it out of this alive. They will help you stay in line and do what you must to stay clean and sober.

Avoiding Triggers

Everyone faces different triggers while they are getting clean and sober. For some, a smell or an event may cause a relapse. For others, being around people who still use will trigger them to use again. A big part of recovery is learning how to avoid these triggers, especially if they are situations that you cannot get away from any other way. You should know how to deal with situations that may lead to a relapse.

Group Therapy

Attending a support group is one of the best ways to help others with drug addiction to stay clean. You will meet people in similar situations who are going through the same issues that you are. People who used to be where you are are now clean and sober and living productive lives. The support from others like you will motivate you to continue your sobriety, and it can be a great way to distract from your cravings. In conclusion, There are many ways to help someone with addiction, but the best way is to seek out treatment for yourself. It is because until you are free from addiction and living a sober life, you cannot truly help another person who\’s addicted. To get help finding a drug addiction treatment center near you, call 833-610-1174.

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