Can a NJ Rehab Help With Non-Drug Addictions Too?

When people think of addictions, they often think of drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse, however, is not the only kind of addiction. People can become addicted to almost anything that makes them feel good or gives them a \”rush.\” These can include things like gambling, sex, risk-taking behavior or even shopping.

Addiction is a form of pain management

What many people don\’t understand about addiction is that it is a form of pain management. When we engage in certain activities, our brains release certain neurotransmitters that act in many of the same ways that opioids and other substances do. People learn to engage in certain behaviors because it triggers a response that helps them better manage their pain. Over time, the pursuit of this neuro-chemical response becomes an addiction.

Rehab is not just for substance abuse

The more pain people are in, the more desperate they become for whatever they find numbs that pain. If spending money or gambling provides relief, then the need to spend or gamble becomes all-consuming. It can interfere with their job, their relationships and even self-care. They can\’t overcome their pursuit of something that numbs the pain until they deal with the source of their pain.

The Solution To All Addiction Is The Same

Imagine getting shot with a bullet when you were a child, but not getting any professional treatment for it. In fact, no one may have even realized you had been shot. Well-meaning adults may have tried to stop the bleeding or bandage the wound, but they never took you to a doctor to have the bullet removed. Over time, the wound would fester and possibly become infected. You can try to disinfect the wound, but the underlying issue is the bullet that is still there.

Rehab is like a hospital for psychological and emotional wounds

Certain events can be like getting shot with a psychological or emotional bullet and the damage can be just as devastating. A physical bullet can be seen and removed by physicians or surgeons, but there are no x-rays to find a psychological or emotional bullet. Just because you can\’t see it, however, doesn\’t mean it isn\’t real or causing the same pain that a physical wound would cause.

Get help today

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