Are There Short Inpatient Rehab Programs in NJ?

There are several short inpatient rehab programs in New Jersey. Many individuals are able to maintain sobriety and be successful in their recovery after attending a short inpatient rehabilitation program. It is important to research and weigh your options when considering a treatment program. There are several factors that must be considered when choosing a short term inpatient rehabilitation program. These factors include costs, insurance coverage, location, duration of program, type of addiction treatment offered, co-morbid disorders, and severity of addiction.

Short Inpatient Rehab Programs

Inpatient rehabilitation may be the best option for an individual looking for treatment for substance abuse disorder. Short inpatient rehabilitation programs offer a safe comfortable space that allows patients to experience growth, healing, and building. During treatment, patients are monitored and treated by staff that are highly trained in treating substance abuse disorder. Short term inpatient rehabilitation programs typically last approximately seven to 30 days depending on patient needs.

During treatment, patients participate in group therapy and individual counseling. The types of treatment provided will vary by treatment program and by facility. Typically, patients are taught new coping skills in order to deal with their addiction when they leave the treatment program. Often, these coping skills are taught through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT works best in a short term format, which is utilized by many short inpatient rehabilitation programs. Further, many short term inpatient programs employ a 12 step approach to treatment. 12 step programs rely on peer-based support and give patients a sense of community and support during their recovery.

Costs of Short Inpatient Rehab Programs

Financial hardship is one of the main reasons that individuals delay seeking and obtaining treatment for substance abuse disorder. Lack of resources financially can often mean the difference between recovery and continued abuse of substances. Financial instability often prevents individuals from seeking treatment. There are many short term inpatient rehabilitation programs that offer low-cost treatment or payment plans to those who qualify. It is important to consider which treatment program offers the best services for an individual\’s needs. Often many rehabilitation centers will work with patients regarding payment based on their financial needs.

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