Are There Mental Health Treatment Centers in NJ That Also Treat Addiction?

New Jersey treatment centers have addressed mental illness for decades now, and they have evolved over the course of time to match current recent and treatment methods. One of the strongest, most prevalent trends in mentally ill individuals is that they often suffer from substance abuse disorders as well. These two co-existing conditions presented a unique challenge to centers at the beginning of this decade. Why was substance abuse so prevalent among the mentally ill? Why did substance abuse sufferers entering their own detoxes seem to have underlying mental conditions? Thanks to new research, mental health centers are well-equipped and staffed to address addiction issues as well.

Throngs of people who enter mental health facilities also find out that they have an addiction disorder as well. Through rigorous observation, counseling sessions, and group meetings, people who previously wouldn\’t have identified themselves as being addicts or alcoholics are able to see the part substance use plays in their ongoing mental difficulties.

The Process

When someone enters a mental health facility, the staff has a well practiced procedure for new patients. This begins with:

  • A thorough intake
  • A review of both physical and mental health history
  • Discussion of patient goals at the beginning of treatment
  • A well thought out plan for recovery while in treatment

Thousands of people benefit from this routine throughout the year, and each mental health facility reviews and addresses any impediments throughout treatment. Some patients have physical disorders as well and need to take medication while inside the facility. Well trained nurses and compassionate staff help to take care of a patient\’s physical and mental health while they\’re undergoing treatment. Substance abuse disorders that cause withdrawal while the patient is seeking mental health services can be addressed during the course of treatment as well.

Co-morbid Disorders

All mental health disorders carry the added risk of a patient developing a substance abuse disorder, but some disorders are more widely known to have co-morbid addiction disorders. For example, bipolar disorder often carries with it the added risk of developing substance abuse problems. During the manic and depressive phases of the illness, a patient might self-medicate in order to endure the most distressing symptoms of bipolar disorder mania or depression. When there\’s a flair up in a mental condition, it might lead to more frequent alcohol or drug use.

Unfortunately, drug use doesn\’t alleviate mental health conditions; it only exacerbates it. For example, alcohol abuse alone may cause even wilder mood swings and depression in someone with bipolar disorder, and as a result it will flair up the mental health condition and cause a more urgent need for treatment. New Jersey mental health facilities are expertly trained to both diagnose or treat addiction disorders that come to their attention and need their care.

There\’s Always Hope

Someone who has a co-morbid addiction in addition to their mental health disorder does indeed face a challenge. It\’s hard enough to suffer from bipolar disorder, but when a substance abuse disorder is mixed into it, things can become very scary to the sufferer. Fortunately, NJ treatment centers have grown wise to this cycle. They have excellent methods of observing patients so that they can diagnose a substance abuse disorder even when someone is only in treatment for a mental health disorder.

Thanks to the research of the last ten years, treatment centers around the country have grown to recognize the correlation between substance abuse and mental health disorders. New treatments are devised by centers around the country and in New Jersey specifically so that people can get help for both conditions at once without having to travel to another facility for one or the other. It\’s a more convenient and soothing way to get help for what can be very scary conditions on both sides. The mood swings, personality changes, and depression that sometimes comes with substance abuse are already present in many mental health disorders. Thanks to dual diagnosis treatment centers, people can bring both conditions under control at the same time and experience renewed hope in all areas of life.

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