Are There Different Rules for Residential Drug Treatment Than for Temporary Inpatient Programs?

Drug and alcohol abuse can quickly and easily ruin your life and the lives of your loved ones. When it is time for you to check into a drug treatment center, you may be wondering which one you should go to. We\’re here to help you get over your addiction and give you the strength to transform and improve the rest of your life. Recovery is always within reach no matter what, and we are here to help you get it.

If you are wondering if there are different rules for residential drug treatment than for temporary inpatient programs, we are here to answer this and any other questions you may have. Keep reading to find out more.

The Differences Between Residential and Inpatient Programs

It\’s easy to understand the difference when it comes to outpatient and inpatient care, but the differences between residential and inpatient programs can be a little trickier. Residential and inpatient programs both offer temporary living accommodations for addicts who can take time off to attend rehab day and night. However, there are some environmental differences between the two that can make them stand apart. For example, a residential program is often one you may think of when you hear about rehab, thanks to television shows and movies. They offer a more \”home-like\” atmosphere and are often longer in duration. Inpatient facilities offer a more clinical, hospital-like setting and are typically shorter in duration.

The length of time a person spends in residential treatment is one of the biggest characteristics of the two. When you go to a residential center, you will have a certain length of time to stay there in the beginning. However, this is more open-ended than inpatient rehab, as many patients end up extending the length of their stay because they need additional time.

Different Rules for Each Setting

Another major distinguishing characteristic of the two is the differing environments. Residential treatment centers are usually more comfortable and casual than inpatient rehabs. An inpatient center will want their residents to adhere to a stricter set of rules, even though a stay is typically shorter. A residential center provides patients with settings that are more home-like and not as sterile and hospital-like as an inpatient program. This comfortable setting allows patients to relax and focus on their recovery efforts.

Another difference between the two are often the detox programs. An inpatient center will offer detox treatments in a more hospital-like setting. A residential treatment center will often offer a much more structured program for patients who need to detox. A temporary inpatient rehab center will focus mostly on detox while residential rehabs focus more on the whole package.

Why Choose Between the Two?

Inpatient care provides stricter monitoring and regulations for their patients than residential programs do. They also offer a higher level of medical care for patients who are part of the program. An inpatient program will offer the same type of care that a hospital would, while a residential program will not.

This is because most residential programs do not need to provide residents with intensive medical care during their stay because many patients are in the later stages of their treatment plan. Residential programs often focus more on private and group therapy sessions, family counseling, and holistic treatments.

How to Choose

While the rules for both types of programs are similar, an inpatient program will be better for those who need immediate help, especially with detox. A temporary program is often the better choice for addicts that cannot take the time off of work or school to attend a longer program. If money or insurance coverage is a concern, a temporary center is also a better choice.

Talk to each rehab if you are looking to make the decision. Don\’t be afraid to ask questions and voice any concerns you may have. If you cannot stay in a program for a month or more, a temporary center will be a wise choice. You\’ll have the chance to go through detox in a safe, monitored setting. When and if you are reading for a more detailed, intense setting, call and get into a residential program as soon as you can. Remember, sobriety has to start somewhere. An inpatient program might be stricter at the moment, but you\’ll be happy with your choice when you are sober.

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