Are the Best Alcohol Rehab Centers the Ones that are the Closest?

Going away to rehab is recommended by more addiction experts because it gets you away from relapse triggers. However, due to health insurance only covering in-state rehab centers and work and family obligations, going to a rehab that is close to home may be your only option. However, you may be wondering if the best alcohol rehab centers are the ones that are closest to you.

Rest assured that quality alcohol rehab centers exists everywhere. While quality rehab centers exist everywhere, you should not merely settle on the one that is closest to home. You should always do your necessary research to determine if a rehab center is quality and is the right fit for you. Keep in mind that outpatient programs require more discipline because you still have access to alcohol in-between sessions, will be presented with more triggers, and may run into people who you know. A quality rehab center will help you deal with these issues, making success even more likely.

Determining if a Particular Alcohol Rehab Center is Right for You

  • A Program for Your Specific Needs Certain programs may offer outpatient, intensive-outpatient, partial-hospitalization, and inpatient. These programs vary in frequency and style, so make sure you choose the one that works with your availability and ability to pay. If you would benefit from a specific type of program (e.g. trauma-focused, LGBT, faith-based, gender-specific, Spanish-speaking, etc.), make sure that rehab has that type of program. Outpatient programs may be more limited in the specific types of programs that they offer.
  • Accreditation A rehab center should always have seals of accreditation listed on their websites and ads to show that have earned an established reputation. The Joint Commission Gold Seal means that program meets excellent standards.
  • Licensed, Empathetic Counselors Quality rehab centers will hire counselors who possess at least a master’s degree and have struggled with addiction themselves as opposed to lower-quality rehab centers who may hire counselors less or even no higher education because they can pay them less. Counselors who have never struggled with addiction themselves may have a harder time empathizing because they have never been where you are at, which is why having a counselor who is recovering from addiction themselves is beneficial.
  • Family-Centered Therapy and Holistic Approach The best rehab centers know the importance of helping your family recover right along with you. At some point during the program, they should request for your family to come in for a session.

The best rehab centers also know the importance of addressing the whole person instead of just doing talk therapy. New Jersey rehab centers are among the best in the country. They understand that having a variety of program options is necessary and value the holistic approach. Many are located near the Jersey Shore, which is a peaceful place for healing all year-round. Call one today at 833-610-1174 to learn more.

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