Are Low Cost Rehab Centers Also Low Quality?

When the time comes to say no more drugs or alcohol, the addiction sufferer faces the tall task of finding the right rehab for treatment. The last thing anyone wants to do is make a haste decision about treatment while under the influence. However, there are circumstances when a sense of urgency might arise. When there is a sense of urgency, there may not be enough time for someone to do a lot of research before selecting a rehab center.

If you are ready to admit you have an addiction and ask for help, you are to be commended for your decision. As you search for a rehab center, our advice would take your time and choose a rehab center that has what you need. If for any reason you have financial restrictions, you should look for the best rehab you can afford.

During your search, we encourage you to not judge a book by its cover. The responsible approach would be to focus mostly on what a particular rehab center has to offer in terms of treatment options. Everything else is inconsequential as long as you can get a level of treatment that delivers you the recovery you need.

If your primary concern is cost, you need to be careful about assuming there is a correlation between cost and care. We all tend to assign value to things based on price tags. If a rehab facility is charging $8,000 a month for residential treatment, we tend to believe its a top rehab. Conversely, we might view a rehab that only charges $2,000 a month as a substandard rehab center.

It\’s never good to make generalizations. Why? You don\’t know what you don\’t know. There might be some very specific reasons why one facility charges $8,000 a month while and another one charges $2,000. Furthermore, the reasons might have nothing to do with the quality of care the rehab provides.

In the sections below, the discussion is going to focus on factors that could influence the cost of rehab.

Factors That Can Influence the Rehab Rates

For this discussion, we will go with the assumption we are looking at residential treatment only. Rates can vary from $1,500 a month to as high as $10,000 depending on the following factors:

  • Location of the facility
  • Types of treatment options made available
  • Amenities
  • Intangible factors

Notice how this list of factors makes no mention of a facility\’s success rate. If a facility has a relapse of 80% and the industry standard is 60%, it might be fair to say the quality of treatment that facility is providing is low. If the same facility\’s fees are also below industry averages, there might be a correlation between cost and quality.

However, the reality is the above scenario doesn\’t happen very often. That would lead us to believe other factors would prompt a rehab facility to charge lower treatment fees.

For instance, the owners of a treatment facility might prefer to cut back on amenities so they focus more on providing a higher level of treatment. Fewer amenities usually means lower overhead, which might allow the facility to charge clients less a month. In short, the facility\’s owners are making a statement about what they value the most, choosing treatment quality over pool tables.

Under another scenario, a rehab facility may be getting supplemental funding from the government, a charity, or through an endowment. Instead of continuing to charge higher fees to clients, they use their supplemental funding to keep treatment costs lower.

Finally, there are a lot of rehab facilities that operate as part of a nonprofit organization. In order to maintain their 501C charity status, the can\’t make a profit. Under these circumstances, these \”charitable\” rehabs are only going to charge what\’s necessary to cover overhead. That often translates to lower fees for clients.

Here\’s the bottom line. If you want to pay extra for amenities, you have that right. However, you should never assume that low costs means low quality of care.

Instead of worrying about cost and quality of care, you must first be willing to get treatment. Once you have made that decision, you can start thinking about what you expect out of treatment. Setting other factors aside, we know we can offer you a high level of treatment. If you have any questions about our facility or treatment rates, you can contact one of our staff members by calling 833-610-1174.

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