Are All Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers Basically The Same?

Treatment for addiction is similar regardless of the circumstances. However, that doesn\’t mean all treatment programs are the same. Each program will have its own unique characteristics. Typically, we\’ll divide programs into 4 categories. There are in-patient programs, where you receive treatment at a facility. Out patient programs let you live at home while undergoing treatment. Of course, specialized treatment programs vary the most. Depending on your situation, the right choice will be different.

In-Patient Treatment Programs

In-patient programs allow patients to receive their treatment at a facility. Some of them will even let patients stay over-night. Either way, you can expect to work one-on-one with individual counselors. Beginning treatment always require a patient intake exam. During these, staff will ask you a battery of questions. This helps them to establish a baseline evaluation. Working on a treatment program is much easier once they\’ve got that information. Finally, they\’ll test your vital signs. From there, patients usually work together in groups. There are also individual treatment sessions. Most programs try to approach treatment from a holistic perspective. Your largest asset during this time will be your counselor. Patients get one of these assigned after their intake exams. Talk to them if you have any questions. They\’ll help you throughout the process.

Out Patient Treatment Programs

Out-patient programs are similar in design. You\’ll work together with your counselors to develop a treatment protocol. Once you have one developed, the counselors will help hold you accountable. Sometimes, you\’ll have to check in at a treatment facility. Other times, you might be able to have the counselors visit you at home. Working with a counselor at home can be quite beneficial. Some patients feel that it is easier to open up when they are at home.

Keep in mind, you\’ll be giving up something. Without other patients, group therapy becomes a lot more difficult. So, if you choose an outpatient program, you\’ll do a lot more one-on-one work. Some people find that to be more beneficial in the long run. Out-patient programs don\’t usually provide as much group work as in-patient programs. Since you won\’t be in close contact with other patients, it\’s not as easy to work in groups. Still, plenty of people have had success working through out-patient programs. If you\’d prefer to undergo treat from the comfort of home, they might be a better choice.

Specialized Treatment Programs

Not all addictions are the same. So, depending on the circumstances, specialized treatment programs might be better. These programs incorporate a lot of different elements to tackle the problem. Each facility will have its own set of programs. So, speak to a counselor to see what they have available. People who have a particularly difficult case might want to look into them.

Live-in Facilities

Live-in facilities tend to provide the most intensive treatment. Patients live at the facility, where they are monitored by the staff. This can be stressful. However, it also tends to be rather effective. While living at the facility, patients will work in groups and individually. Everyone will have to complete their intake exam prior to treatment. Then, facility directors will design a treatment protocol for each patient. You will work with all of the staff to complete your treatment plan. Working with so many other people gives patients a lot of support. For a lot of people, support makes a huge difference. After your stay, you can continue to work with your counselors in an out-patient setting. Continuing to work with them after your stay helps to preserve your progress. You can choose to see them in-person by scheduling appointments. Or, you can work with them over the phone. Either way, they\’ll continue to support you and your progress.

Choosing the Right Treatment Center for You

If you are considering treatment, choosing the right center may seem like a big choice. Give our counselors a call. They\’ll help talk you through all of your options. We\’ve been working with patients like you for years. So, we\’d love to help you with such a big decision. Hopefully, we\’ll make it feel effortless. Call us at 833-610-1174.

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