5 Things To Consider When Selecting The Right Drug Rehab Centers in New Jersey

Knowing when to seek treatment for a substance abuse problem is an important first step in your recovery process, but not all drug and alcohol rehab centers will be right for you. Some may not have the kind of program that you need, while others will have a culture that isn\’t compatible with you or your beliefs. Others still might be too expensive for you, or they might not accept your insurance. In any case, rehab centers are not \”one-size-fits-all,\” so you have to take certain factors into consideration when you look for a rehab center in New Jersey. Here are five factors that you should always consider during your search.

Types of Treatment Available

When it comes to drug and alcohol rehab, there are several treatment types available. For example, some offer inpatient rehab programs that require you to live on-site during the duration of the program, while others offer outpatient programs that allow you to stay in your own home while you report to the center. Many offer a combination of both these types of programs. You need to consider what type of treatment is right for you when choosing a facility. Fortunately, it isn\’t difficult to learn what kind of treatment is available at any given facility; all you need to do is contact the facility directly or check their website to see what they have to offer. If it\’s possible, take the time to tour the facility and interview a staff member to get a better idea of what you can expect from your stay.


The overall culture of a treatment facility isn\’t as important as the types of treatments they have available, but it\’s still something that you should take into consideration, especially if you\’re looking into faith-based programs or any programs that cater to a specific population. For example, if you are part of the LGBT community, you\’ll have much better luck enrolling in a program that is geared toward that population. You would be surrounded by people who have similar life experiences and issues, which will make your recovery that much more effective.


The cost of enrolling in an addiction rehab program is another serious issue to consider, even if you have an insurance plan that will cover most of your expenses. Drug and alcohol rehab programs in New Jersey can cost tens of thousands of dollars in some cases, so you want to make sure that you\’ll be able to afford that without going into insurmountable debt. If you want to make sure that you will be staying at a facility within your budget, speak to your doctor or anyone else you trust who might know of affordable programs in your area. There are almost certainly programs that will be within your budget if you take the time to look, but you still need to take that time and rely on all the resources you have available to you.


While you\’re considering the cost of a rehab program, you should also be asking whether or not a facility will accept your insurance. Not every insurance plan will cover the costs of every rehab facility in your area, and enrolling in the wrong program could cost you thousands of dollars. Speak to your insurance provider to find out what programs would be within their network, and don\’t hesitate to speak to the facilities themselves to find out more about what insurance plans they accept.


Finally, the location of a facility should always be taken into consideration. While there\’s technically nothing stopping you from traveling across the country to enroll in a specific rehab facility, you\’re always going to be better off if you stick to facilities in New Jersey or wherever you happen to be. It\’s less expensive, it makes it easier to stay in touch with your loved ones who are providing support, and it will make things much easier if you\’re transitioning to a halfway house or if you\’re enrolling in an outpatient program.

This is just a handful of things to consider when looking for a drug and alcohol rehab facility for yourself or a loved one. As always, you should take the time to do plenty of research so you know what to expect when you begin the rehab program of your choice. If you would like to learn more about the programs that we offer, don\’t hesitate to contact us today. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the program that suits you or your loved one best. Call us at 833-610-1174.

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