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An Overview Of Our Program

At Seacrest Recovery Center we utilize a unique “Phase Back to Life” approach to treatment.  Phase Back means that rather than offer a cookie cutter approach where every client goes through the same process from start to finish, each individual has a unique treatment plan designed for him or her.

Clients generally start in our Phase 1 Partial Care Program (PHP) where they will attend therapy sessions 5 days a week, Monday through Friday.  When they are not in the therapeutic day, clients often engage in recovery and life skills activities such as AA/NA meetings, finding and working with a 12-Step sponsor, and preparing to find a job.

This is beneficial to the individual who is seeking real recovery from drugs and alcohol because it encourages each person to learn and engage in the recovery lifestyle, while at the same time preparing for a return to normal life.

After approximately two weeks of stabilizing in to the first Phase of our program, clients gently transition in to Phase 2 Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).  During this Phase, we gradually move the client more towards real life and a little away from treatment.  This is done by scaling down to three therapeutic days per week rather than 5, plus an individual counseling session.  More emphasis is placed on getting a job, engaging in 12 Step Recovery, the gym, and more group activities.  Curfew is extended and a little more responsibility is placed on the individual.  Phase 2 generally lasts between 6 and 10 weeks, depending on the individual.

Upon successfully completing Phase 2 of our program, clients then step down in to Phase 3 Outpatient Program (OP).  This is really where the rubber hits the road for most clients.  They are enjoying all the freedoms of normal life including full time employment and the ability to go anywhere they want, so long as guidelines and protocols are followed.  The only difference is that they are still connected to a structured recovery program and living with other like minded people.  Clients will still be engaged in one OP therapy session, subject to random drug screening.  All while living in the safety and security of our structured living homes.

Partial Care Program

Phase I is your first 2 weeks in our program. This is our stabilization phase. This will include the following:

  • Must attend Partial Care 5 days a week for the first 2 weeks.
  • Weekly Individual Therapy sessions
  • You must find a sponsor (Must be done before you step down to phase 2)
  • 3 Random Drug Test per weeks and random breathalyzer testing will be done
  • Daily trips to the gym are encouraged
  • Job Search towards the end of phase 1 from 2pm to 5 pm daily.
  • Resume Building with Case Manager to help build a resume to make the job search an easier process
  • Weekend activities with the group

Phase II is a 6 to 10 week program which allows for an increased level of freedom for the client. This phase will include the following:

  • You must attend 3 IOP groups per week.
  • Weekly individual therapy session
  • Must continue to have a sponsor and begin working the steps
  • 3 Random Drug Test per weeks and random breathalyzer testing will be done
  • The client must have a job and maintain it
  • Daily trips to the gym encouraged
  • Weekend activities with the group

Intensive Outpatient Program

Outpatient Program

Phase III is our Outpatient portion of the program. This will allow you to begin integrating in to an independent life and having more freedom.

  • Attend one OP group and one individual session per week
  • Full accountably
  • Random Drug tests
  • Must maintain a full time job
  • Client Must be working with your sponsor and start working to help other recovering addicts and alcoholics

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