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An Overview of Our program

At Seacrest Recovery Center NJ we utilize a unique “Phase Back to Life” approach to treatment.  Phase Back means that rather than offer a cookie cutter approach where every client goes through the same process from start to finish, each individual has a unique treatment plan designed for him or her.

Our unique addiction treatment includes a step down or phase out approach. This means that instead of going to an inpatient residential drug rehab program, you will start your journey in our Partial Care Program (PHP) for the first few weeks, then ease in to our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). While in these two phases, you will have the option to stay in one of our beautiful, well-appointed living facilities for extra support during non-treatment hours. This creates an environment where you are not confined to a hospital like setting, but rather have the opportunity to experience real life situations and get involved with the local 12 step community, all while attending a rehab program during the day.

Once you have completed the IOP phase, it is generally advised for individuals to continue on a long term treatment plan by attending our Outpatient Program (OP). This level of care promotes a real life approach to recovery by a person going about their normal daily routines with work and/or family, but staying connected and attending treatment one time per week. Sober living options are available to those who choose stay in the nearby area.

Our recipe for success is based on meeting the person where they are at, offering highly qualified and caring staff at all levels, and providing the utmost in quality of care and beautiful facilities to make each person comfortable. In turn, this creates an environment where most will feel inclined to approach a lifetime of recovery and happiness.

Here is a brief overview of how each of our program phases look:

Phase I

Phase I is your first 2 weeks in our program. This is our stabilization phase. This will include the following:

  • Must attend Partial Care 5 days a week for the first 2 weeks.
  • Weekly Individual Therapy sessions
  • You must find a sponsor (Must be done before you step down to phase 2)
  • Attend all Sunday night house meetings ( If living at STL )
  • If you have a vehicle you must have it back to the property by 5 pm so that you can attend an AA, NA meeting with the other clients ( BHT will be driving the clients to the meeting )
  • 3 Random Drug Test per weeks and random breathalyzer testing will be done
  • Daily trips to the gym are encouraged
  • Job Search towards the end of phase 1 from 2pm to 5 pm daily.
  • Resume Building group to help build a resume to make the job search an easier process
  • Required to have an AA meeting list signed for 5 meetings a week during this phase
  • Weekend activities with the group
Phase II

Phase II is a 6 to 10 week program which allows for an increased level of freedom for the client. This phase will include the following:

  • You must attend 3-5 IOP groups per week, depending on individual
  • Weekly individual therapy session
  • Must continue to have a sponsor and begin working the steps
  • The client must attend 5 AA or NA meetings yet they will no longer be required to have a meeting list signed.
  • 3 Random Drug Test per weeks and random breathalyzer testing will be done
  • The client must have a job and maintain it
  • Daily trips to the gym encouraged
  • Weekend activities with the group
  • Attend all Sunday night house meetings ( If living at STL )
Phase III

Phase III is our Outpatient portion of the program. This will allow you to begin integrating in to an independent life and having more freedom.

  • Attend one OP session per week.
  • Full accountably
  • Random Drug tests
  • Must maintain a full time job
  • Client Must be working with your sponsor and start working to help other recovering addicts and alcoholics

If planning to be out overnight, clients must call in by 9:00 pm and let the staff member on duty know of your plans and where you will be staying. If you do not call in by 9:00 pm you will be expected to be home that evening.

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